Monday, September 7, 2015

Doesn't Fluffy Look Cute in Her Little Sweater?

If giants kept us as pets. . .this is the sort of thing they would make for us to wear.

It's Almost Dinner Time!

Wash your hands and sit at the table. . .it'll be ready the day after tomorrow.

Maybe One Boot, One Stiletto?

It's obviously difficult to remember which leg needs to be kept bent to make sure those hems are even. . .

Charwoman Chic

Can you play "Roll Out the Barrel?"

I see the leather harness straps, is the accordion hidden under that hideous dress?

Shock and Awe

Someone had eaten Marjorie's yogurt again.  She tried to stay calm but the people in the break room had no idea that they were about to witness the most aggressive display of black chiffon ruffles since the '98 Christmas party debacle.