Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stripes are hard!

This beauty was pointed out by my friend Crystal.

This is an excellent example of why it's important to MATCH stripes when you sew.  Of course matching stripes makes it impossible to use every last bit of fabric and for $14.99 this seems to be the best they can muster.  This particular jumpsuit features mismatched stripes on the bottom AND crooked stripes on the top!  Just imagine. . .someone. . .someplace. . .sewed this together. . .and then someone else inspected it and said "sure, that looks fine". . .and then someone completely different chose this jumpsuit, and this one alone, to be sent to Zulily as a sample for the photograph that would be used to market it.  Think about that for a moment. . .this was the best of the bunch.  Keep in mind folks. . .Zulily doesn't allow returns!  LOL!

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