Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Photoshoot

Model: "Should I put my hand on my hip?"
Photographer: "No."
Model: "Do you want me to smile?"
Photographer: "No."
Model: "Maybe it would look nice if I. . ."
Photographer: "No."
Model: "I could. . ."
Photographer: "No!  Look, this is a WORKWEAR collection!  This dress is all about desperation and despair!  It's about giving the best years of your life to a company only to see that witch Judith get the promotion instead of you!  All you have is this dress, an empty apartment, and a bowl full of Ben and Jerry's at the end of the day! Do you understand?"
Model: <choking back tears> ". . .yes. . ."
Photographer: "Good. . .now WORK IT, BABY!"

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